July 13, 2015

Welcome to Hand Me Down, a General Hospital alternate reality that takes place primary in the future. I began writing this story in 2008, setting it sixteen years in the future. I really hope, haha, I finish it before the year 2024 hits us. ┬áThis story picks up in April 2008, beginning with Michael’s shooting at the warehouse, when he slipped into the coma.

At the moment, I haven’t posted any of the main stories (Feels Like Home is a rerwrite of Tangle), but I have posted two prequels, and plan to post the first story sometime this fall. ┬áTo begin HMD, you should start by learning about what the setup of the story is on the About page, then check out the Characters page to find out their status at the beginning of the story. Check out the prequels designed to bridge the gap between 2008-2024 and enjoy some of the media I’ve created for the site.

Feels Like Home will be posted soon!